Enjoying visiting the top 5 Art Galleries of Dubai


The UAE in general and more particularly Dubai, is presently considered to be among the artistic and cultural centers of Middle East. Its thriving gallery scene has been regarded to be an important showcase for artists coming from all parts of the region. Hence, the newfound cultural status of Dubai has been exemplified by the top art galleries as well as art fair known as ‘Art Dubai’ that  celebrates the very best which this Emirati has on offer,  thereby making a trip to Dubai quite essential for every art lover across the globe.

Galleries of Dubai

The contemporary Dubai art scene is among the most exciting. There is present host of galleries which focus upon local talent and innovative artwork, while international artists have been attracted towards the city’s stature and cultural prestige. Art Dubai’s success is regarded to be a reflection of the flourishing art scene in the Middle East.

Dubai Top 5 Art Galleries

The Dubai Top 5 Art Galleries are as follows:

Tashkeel: Established in the year 2008, it is considered to be a valuable addition to the quickly expanding art scene of Dubai. This gallery has been committed towards showcasing work of both international and local designers and artists in UAE and beyond. It also focuses upon fostering ties along with other international artistic and cultural organizations, thereby promoting creative exchange and developing cross cultural dialogue. This gallery is also said to feature membership program to help members to get access to its studios as well as supporting artists from different backgrounds. By doing this, it aims towards creating independent resources for designers and artists working and residing in the UAE, allowing them to focus on their art, receiving valuable assistance and advice in their work.

The Third Line: It is known to be a gallery that focuses specifically upon contemporary Art of the Middle East. It is said to have played an important role to regenerate local art scene of Dubai and to develop overseas, Middle Eastern art profile. It also represents contemporary artists of the Middle East internationally, regionally and locally, offering artists a wonderful form for dissemination and discussion of their art. Moreover, it also hosts alternative and non-profit programs for enhancing dialogue and interest in the region, to create cultural dialogue among practitioners from all over Middle East as well as beyond it, by having books by associated artists of the region to be published.

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Etemad Gallery: It boasts of having branches in Tehran and Dubai and is committed towards fostering cultural dialogue as well as exchange both within Middle East and international art community. This gallery aims towards promoting Middle East as global leader in exhibition and cultural production by showcasing local artists’ works and to bring well known contemporary artists from Asia, Europe and America to Dubai. It uses a huge space of about 10,000 sq. foot in Al-Quoz industrial district to host major cultural events and exhibitions.

Hunar Gallery: Right from its opening in the year 1998, this gallery is said to have dedicated itself to promotion and preservation of contemporary art in the Middle East. The gallery has been stated to derive its name from ‘art’, a Persian word and has been host to few of the extremely innovation exhibitions to have been carried out in the last decade, thereby proving its credentials as important centers of Middle Eastern and Emirati art in Dubai. Furthermore, it represents host of upcoming, young artists from the surrounding region, while providing them with an excellent elevation and platform in international art world.

Lawrie Shabibi: This has been regarded to be another of the latest addition to Dubai’s art landscape. It was opened officially by founders Asmaa Al-Shabibi and William Lawrie in the year 2011, in Al Quoz district of Dubai. The broad cultural remit of this gallery takes in contemporary and relevant artists coming from North Africa, South Asia and the Middle East. Moreover, it has been credited to focusing upon supporting emerging artists, to host exhibitions from numerous exciting upcoming local artists, within its small life span, including that of publishing catalogues and to organize public programs.

These are Dubai Top 5 Art Galleries that are interesting and inviting to all tourists who visit the region and are art lovers.