Find Out Why People in The USA Started Using POS System

Do you have a café? And do you still use manual cash registers? In the USA, hospitality businesses, including a café, are starting to switch to the point of sales system. Indeed, here we will tell you the advantages of point of sales for café. But first, let’s get to know about point of sales first.

What is POS? 
The point of sales or POS system is computerized order-entry technology that many businesses, such as café and restaurants, use to record orders, data and print or display tickets. Cashiers, bartenders, and servers can the POS system to enter food and beverage orders.

What can it do? 
To put it simply, POS acts as both cash register and computer. POS systems consist of multiple stations, including display screens, hostess and server stations, receipt printers and credit card terminals. Having a system in your café is a good idea as it can add convenience, accuracy not to mention saving time especially in busy situations. Here are some capabilities that POS system can do:

* Calculate cash (because it records every order entered)

* Method of payment recording

* Keep track of the cash in the cash drawer

* Create sales reports (hourly and daily)

* Allow hourly employees to clock in and out

* Calculate payroll and labor data

* Record check averages for each worker daily

* Keep track of menu items that are sold

* Record information on repeat customers

point of sales system chartThe modern POS systems have digital display components. It is known as kitchen display systems (KDS screens) or “bump screens.” The screen displays the order, with clear information which includes what kind of food or beverage is being requested, time of the order is made, the number of the table and the name of the server. Once the food is prepared and finished, the kitchen worker will then hit a button on the screen. Or in another word, “bumping” it from view. The recording time then is finished. This is an effective way to stay organized, communicate the orders’ status and record the speed of service information.

That’s what POS is and its capabilities. Now, let’s move on to why people in the USA started using it.

The reasons 
The first reason is inventory management. Inventory management is critical for any hospitality industries, including café. Not only is keeping track of what is in-house, what has been sold and in what quantities vital items to smooth operations, it is also an area that is vulnerable to various types of shrink, from fresh food spoilage to theft. And it is where POS system is useful. After all, it is designed to be information chokepoint for every transaction that is made. That’s right. It is ideal for integrating, or serving as if you want, your café’s inventory tracking and management system of record.

The modern POS systems have the ability to provide a report on a day to day basis and a historical basis. For example, you can see the previous years’ record note that whether your café was full of people during the holiday. A very useful feature, as it allows you to forecast and plan accordingly. And this is the second reason.

The third is this: it provides a more accurate picture of hours worked and provide analysis as to whether the staffing levels are aligned with business volume appropriately. Correct. POS system is used by virtually everyone at a café, unlike cash registers that are used by a certain number of people. Because of this, it serves as both time clocks and labor scheduling solutions.

Last but not least, it allows you to know your customer better. Hospitality industry such as café always depends on repeat business as a key to success. Yet, today’s establishments are unable to rely on individuals’ memories and or paper-based record systems. However, computerized POS systems are helpful in gathering customer data. How? By integrating with debit and credit card payment systems. Not only that, many of its programs are also capable of recording other identifiers, such as e-mail addresses. Some more sophisticated systems even record customer’s purchase histories. Whether a café owner wants to identify who his best customers are or seeks to increase his business using a text message or e-mail marketing campaign, building and maintaining that kind of database is becoming a business necessity in the hospitality industry.

Now that you know the advantages of cafe pos system that lead people to start using POS system, it is time for you to consider the same step, don’t you think?