Traditional Malaysian Wedding vs. Traditional United Kingdom Wedding

The wedding is a holy ceremony and rare occasion for almost people from all around the world. Even for several people, a wedding is a precious moment that only happened once in a lifetime? These days, we will find many styles of wedding themes. From traditional, modern to an international style wedding. But in this article, we are going to learn about the differences between Malaysian and United Kingdom traditional wedding styles. These are several important factors that distinguish between Malaysian and United Kingdom traditional wedding styles.


The Proposal
For Malaysian couple, before the engagement, there is a unique tradition called ‘Merisik’. This is like a seeking ceremony for a settled man to find a suitable wife. After the ‘Merisik’ then it will the engagement ceremony. In this ceremony beside announcing the wedding date, the groom and his family also need to buy some gifts for his future wife. The gifts contain stuff that the bride needs from dresses, jewelry, cosmetics even shoes and underwear.

In the United Kingdom, the proposal was quite simple. A man will buy an engagement ring and purpose his mate with the most famous proposal words ‘Will you marry me?’. If he got accepted, they will hold an engagement party to announce their wedding date.


The Venue
As we all knew, a venue is the first thing we should prepare when we already decided to hold a wedding ceremony. For Malaysian, they often use a mosque for the ceremony and a ballroom or multifunction room for the reception.

For British wedding style, they often use a church for the ceremony and an open-air venue like garden or beach for the reception.


The Guest
For Malaysian, a wedding ceremony and reception mean important to their big family and friends. That is why the guests that invited to the party are not only close relatives but also friends and sometimes colleagues or business partners. The invitation for Malaysian wedding is around 500 – 1000 guests.

As for UK wedding, the invitation is limited to close relatives and close friends. The guest in UK wedding is around 60 – 100 guest, which is only 10% of the Malaysian wedding style. This is one of the reasons why the venue for Malaysian wedding is much bigger than the UK one.


The Dress
Dress, gown, and clothing on the wedding ceremony and reception is crucial. Well, only 3 factors that our guest remembers when coming to our wedding: the food, the dress, and the cake. That’s why dress became crucial matters. For Malaysians that mostly known as an Islamic country, the clothing for the bride and the groom are deeply attached to the Melayu tradition. The groom will wear traditional Melayu clothing complete with its traditional hat called “Peci”. The bride also wears simple but pretty traditional Melayu clothing called “Kebaya”.

As for the United Kingdom, it is deeply attached to the western influence. The bride will usually wear a beautiful pure white wedding dress complete with the veil to cover the bride’s face and a hand bouquet. The groom will wear a black and white tuxedo with a flower attached to the chest pocket. Worry not, you are able to purchase some famous British inspired wedding gowns from a top bridal gown designer in Malaysia.


The Ceremony
In the UK, the ceremony will be held at the church and based on Christian and UK laws. Meanwhile, the Malaysian wedding ceremony will be held at home or mosque and it is based on Islamic and the country laws.


The Reception
For Malaysian wedding reception, the bride, and the groom will be treated like a royal. They will be placed on a stage decorate with flowers. They will be approached by every invitation who wants to give congratulations.

Meanwhile, the UK reception is more represented cozy and family atmosphere. The groom and the bride will only seat in one of the dining tables. They also can circle around the area to meet and greet their relatives and friends.