Top 3 Water Theme Parks in Asia

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Top 3 water theme park in Asia 
There is lots of water theme park in Asia you should visit for. However, we already arranged the top 3 ones as our best recommendation for you. What are those?

1. Ocean Park in Hong Kong 
Hong Kong is one of the best destinations you should visit for if you want to have a holiday with your family in the water theme park. As the winner of Applause Award, this water theme park is going to make your holiday time more awesome. The great oceanarium concept is becoming the main reason why you should visit this water theme park.

2. Caribbean Bay at Everland in Seoul, South Korea 
Talking about Seoul will have no end especially when we know that one of the best water theme parks is in there. The Caribbean Bay at Everland is the next water theme park you should visit

for when you are in South Korea. With the pirates theme for the indoor and outdoor theme, you can definitely have a good time with your family here.

3. Nagashima Resort in Kuwana, Japan 
Japan also has the best water theme park you should visit for. The Nagashima Resort which has the huge seawater pool in summer and a hot spring complex will be the best destination in Japan. Completed with the shopping mall and flower park you can have a complete holiday package in one place.

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